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Lost artefacts from the Grand Canyon


More information about those lost artefacts from the Grand Canyon from an article that appeared in the Pheonix Gazette in 1909, which you can read below. My questions are – Where did all the artefacts and the information go?, and … Continue reading

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Giant human skeletons


Hooray, another example of the truth coming out, as Smithsonian Institute admits it destroyed thousands of giant human skeletons. Hopefully they will one day admit to what they did with the artifacts they found in the Grand Canyon –

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Law of Mother Earth


In October this year Bolivia passed The Law of Mother Earth (“Ley de Derechos de La Madre Tierra”) ensuring that Pachamama – the land – is held sacred and respected as a living system with rights to protect her from … Continue reading

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Balance of Nature will be Broken


Often called ‘The Elder Brother’, the People of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta see modern cultures and technological civilisation as ‘The Younger Brother’.Now, for the first time, they have sent their spiritual representatives to Australia to deliver their message … Continue reading

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Past Life Regression Therapy

The Christmas gifts that last lifetimes!

CHRISTMAS GIFTS THAT ARE LIFE CHANGING – and keep on giving! This holiday season you could purchase a gift that will inspire your friends and family and help change the lives of your loved ones. Why not buy them an … Continue reading

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Christmas Stocking Fillers

matrixharmonicsmagnetsrainbow spirals

CHRISTMAS STOCKING FILLERS: Do you want something small and useful to help fill a Christmas Stocking? I have magnets, bookmarks, small prints and greeting cards that friends and family will love. This particular magnet image called Rainbow Spirals was inspired … Continue reading

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Arcturan Healers and Spirit Doctors

Had a great day yesterday working with the spirit doctors, vets and dentists. Lots of Arcturan Healers and Master Healer energies were helping. Yum!!! The Arcturan Healers have the ability to increase our Light Quotient. Light Quotient is the available … Continue reading

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Object out of time


Here is another object out of time, according to our current understanding of the history of our species:

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Healing comes in many ways


Healing comes in many ways. In September this year the Navajo Nation was awarded compensation by the US Government. I hope it helps heal in ways we cannot yet even comprehend:

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The state of heaven

When the state of heaven becomes permanent, when it cannot be lost, it is moksha, it is absolute freedom. Then bliss has become your nature then heaven and hell have disappeared. Then wherever you are, it will make no difference. … Continue reading

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