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Earth Energies: September Equinox 2014


Interacting with Earth Energies helps us – Understand Celestial Events like the Equinox and Solstice; Develops our Clairvoyance and Psychic Skills; and Teaches us how to Decipher the Wisdom in Earth Mythology We have just experienced the September Equinox. The … Continue reading

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Determination, and will power, but no spatial awareness!

This is a perfect example of determination, struggle and will to succeed. Coupled with no spatial awareness!!!

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Sumerian DNA teaches us about our Past

sumerian head

A skeleton that dates back to the Sumerian era has been ‘re-found’ in the Penn Museum. Scientists plan to test the DNA, which could bring forward some new and interesting information about the real history of this planet, the and … Continue reading

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Transformation of self is more than just ‘change’

caterpillar transformation

Transformation, is more than change, it is a complete renewal/rebirth of self, where we shed what we were to become anew. No one can do it for us, and it may take some time and may feel like a struggle, … Continue reading

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Energy is the currency of the universe – feed it well!

energy the currency of the universe

Some words of wisdom about the energy of consciousness, and how we can ‘unconsciously’ feed it. Aim to be conscious in your thoughts, your actions and your feelings:

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Intuition is a great teacher and protector

albert einstein quote

Interact with your intuitive self at least once a day, and you will soon learn how it works for you, when it is most active, what it is teaching you and when to trust it:

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Art, Sandplay and Music Therapy can help with Cancer Treatments

Art therapies help cancer treatments

I did my university training as an Art, Sandplay and Play Psychotherapist in the UK in the 1980’s and have used numerous creative modalities in therapy to assist children and adults with Cancer, Autism, ADHD/ADD, Acquired Brain Injury, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimers, … Continue reading

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Paulina’s latest landscape photo

Paulina howfield foreshore image

Took some photos on the foreshore on Saturday night. The water was still, the light beautiful and the people I met very friendly – including the guy who owned this boat. One of my favourites from the ‘shoot':

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Six common energetic imbalances that can make you Depressed

six common energy problems from healing arts

                In my healing and clairvoyant practice, I help clients identify and clear these six common energy problems, that can inhibit our lives, make us sick, depressed and fatigued. Perhaps you can identify … Continue reading

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Anger Management 101 – Conflict Transformation Technique

Planting flowers instead of bombs

In the recent fighting in Gaza and after the recent loss of lives when planes fell out of the sky, the media responded with surprise as they discovered that families and friends of those who have died did not respond … Continue reading

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