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Make Life Sacred – Construct Medicine Wheels, Do Vision Quests, and Pray and Meditate

Medicine Wheel in Sedona

Phone: 0439 947 109            Email: A Vision Quest is a ritual of the indigenous people of North America that was traditionally taken as a rite of passage by young men. It involves going into the wilderness, locating … Continue reading

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Creative Expressions and new images from Paulina Howfield

Matrixharmonics - creative expressions

Here are a selection of drawings and paintings that you can now purchase as prints on paper or giclee:

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New Crop Circle arrives the 21st June in Italy – a Solstice Gift!!

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Cherokee not gender biased and treat their women as equals:


When the Europeans arrived in what is now the USA, they were astonished to see that Cherokee women were the equals of men—politically, economically and theologically. “Women had autonomy and sexual freedom, could obtain divorce easily, rarely experienced rape or … Continue reading

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Solstice Rituals & Ceremonies – Stone Circles and Megalithic Monuments

Almost all stone circles and megalithic monuments link into the energies of the cosmos. Many track the movements of the Sun and/or Moon, some align to Orion, the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri and Sirius. These monuments and circles demonstrate the astronomical … Continue reading

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Ancient Astronomers linked into the Sun and other Celestial Bodies

nebra sky disc3

This NEBRA SKY DISC is a stunning astronomical survival from the Bronze Age. It shows the Sun, its celestial boat, the Crescent Moon and the Seven Stars of the Pleiades

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Solstice Rituals and Ceremonies, 21st June 2014

solstice 2

The Solstice is an Astronomical Event It happens twice a year, in June and December, and occurs when the SUN reaches its highest or lowest point to the celestial equator. Our ancient forebears from the neolithic and megalithic eras were … Continue reading

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Friday 13th June, Full Moon energies

It’s Friday the 13th and its a full moon! Spooky!!!. As someone who was born at midnight on the 12th /13th of October on a full moon, and a Friday, I know a little bit about the energies that can … Continue reading

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Viking artefacts discovered


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Native Americans need to provide proof


Yet another sacred place up for destruction in the lovely anasazi lands as Native Americans are called to prove that this Sacred Site in Utah Is Worth Saving.

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