Hitching Post of the Sun – CD Meditation Process

Hitching Post of the Sun Meditation Process

Hitching Post of the Sun Meditation Process: CD’s Now Available for purchase with 10% discount if you ‘like’ Matrix Harmonics Personal and Planetary Healing on Facebook  in February.

This 40 minutes shamanic meditation can be used by groups and individuals to re-connect with the healing energies of the Earth and the Sun. It enables you to re-connect with Ancient planetary wisdom and your ‘I AM’ Presence. It will also help cleanse your energy fields, prepare your body for Ascension and re-connect your mind, body, soul and spirit. Thanks to Shaun Winslow the tunings and rhythm of the backing music to this guided meditation are linked to Hans Cousto’s calculations for the theoretical frequency of the Sun, 32312.52 HZ from ‘The Cosmic Octave’.

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